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Dawn of a New Day for the Hopeless

Mission Statement

Norooz Charity Foundation is  a 501 (c) (3) non-profit public charity organization  striving to provide relief to the Iranian refugees who are the victims of human rights violations arising from sustained social, political, religious and ethnic prosecution by the fundamentalist regime in Iran.


Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States, the largely volunteer-driven organization was established by philanthropist Bahman Maalizadeh in 2003 and has since expanded the coverage of its global operations to Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan and India.


Through  donations of funds, a coordinated network of volunteers and representatives  have distributed tens of containers of food, clothing and medial supplies and provided hundreds of needy families and individuals with nutritional, medical, legal, educational and financial assistance.


Norooz Foundation fills an important gap in addressing the unfolding human tragedies affecting a highly vulnerable and traumatized faction of the asylum seekers. Many refugees who come to the Norooz Foundation for assistance are struggling  with  mental and physical consequences of rape, imprisonment, torture, oppression, shunning and discrimination,  which often continues in the host country as they await the processing of their cases.


For displaced refugees, lack of access to education by their children, unemployment, poverty, language barriers and an unprotected status invites further abuse, discrimination and victimization. The majority of aid recipients served by our organization are single mothers and children whose immediate and long-term future are jeopardized in the most impoverished and traumatizing of circumstances. Applicants include individuals with an active registration with UNCHR (United Nations Refugees Agency) and other international organizations connected with the Iranian  asylum seekers affairs, but also extend to those whose cases have  been denied, delayed or undergoing appeal.


Norooz in Farsi means " a new day." To bring the hope of a new day to the lives of the voiceless and the oppressed, the Norooz Foundation has been instrumental in publicizing the plight of Iranian asylum seekers from all backgrounds and walks of life, both through its advocacy work via a weekly television program and formulating timely responses for executing relief and aid efforts.


To learn more on how you can get involved, please visit the DONATE and GET INVOLVED section of our website or  call us anytime at 1-(704)-544-7800.



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